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24K Gold Evil Eye Stud Earrings - ezavision
24K Gold Evil Eye Stud Earrings - ezavision
24K Gold Evil Eye Stud Earrings - ezavision
24K Gold Evil Eye Stud Earrings - ezavision
24K Gold Evil Eye Stud Earrings - ezavision
24K Gold Evil Eye Stud Earrings - ezavision

24K Gold Evil Eye Stud Earrings

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24K Gold Evil Eye Stud Earrings

NICKEL FREE: 24k rose gold plated dangle earrings contain non of any allergic substance. The raw material of simple gold statement minimalist earring is 925 sterling silver and we cover them with real 24k gold twice.

MANUFACTURED in TURKEY: Rose gold dainty small earrings made with superior craftsmanship and does not tarnish. So please do not compare it with the items produced with low quality craftsmanship and raw materials. The stones are real cubic zirconia.

FREE SHIPPING : You will receive your 925 sterling silver simple dainty earrings with free shipping.

WYSIWYG: Photos are taken by us with the real items we sell, you also will have free gift wrapping.What Is The Evil Eye?
The evil eye is one of the strongest and most prominent symbols in the world, so chances are you've seen it or heard of it at one time or another in your life. However, it's important to make the distinction and understand the difference between the evil eye itself and the depiction of the symbol on amulets, jewellery and other physical objects, which offer protection against the evil eye.
So what is the evil eye? The evil eye is a malicious glare given to someone out of spite, malice or envy, which brings misfortune, suffering or just general bad luck to the recipient of the look. The belief is that the malevolent look holds such power that it is able to bring harm to the person that it's aimed at.

The evil eye's meaning stems from the concept that people who do well and achieve great success in some way attract envy from the people around them. The look or glare given by the envious people manifests into a curse that brings misfortune to the receiver, who is usually unaware of the malicious gaze upon them. Most cultures believe that jealousy is the main source of the evil eye.
Different cultures have many different ways of protecting against the evil eye curse, but wearing evil eye jewellery and amulets is one of the most common practices. Amulets and talismans of the evil eye are also widely known as "evil eyes" themselves, even though they are used to protect against the curse. Evil eye jewellery is a very popular choice and you can find plenty of evil eye themed trinkets if you visit places in the Middle East, especially Turkey.

The Meaning Of Evil Eye Amulets And Talismans
Amulets depicting the evil eye originated in Greece and were created as apotropaic talismans, which had the power to reflect or avert evil influences. Middle Eastern forms of the amulet are commonly known as a nazar, an Arabic word meaning 'sight' or 'attention', and are made with blue beads featuring concentric circles of white and blue, which represent the eye. This form of beaded evil eye jewellery is very popular among tourists and can often be found hanging in local homes, offices and cars in most Middle Eastern countries.

P.S. Do not use with strong chemicals.


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