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24K Gold Round Earrings - ezavision
24K Gold Round Earrings - ezavision

24K Gold Round Earrings

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24K Gold Round Earrings

NICKEL FREE: 24k rose gold plated round dangling earrings contain non of any allergic substance. The raw material of unique simple gold statement earring is 925 sterling silver and we cover them with real 24k gold twice.

MANUFACTURED in TURKEY: Rose gold dainty delicate earrings made with superior craftmanship and does not tarnish. So please do not compare this minimalist earrings with the items produced with low quality craftsmanship and raw materials.

FREE SHIPPING : You will receive your 925 silver simple dainty earrings with free shipping.

WYSIWYG: Photos are taken by us with the real items we sell, you also will have free gift wrapping.

P.S. Do not use with strong chemicals.



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