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2022 Trend Steel Jewelry

2022 Trend Steel Jewelry - EzaVision

2022 Trend Steel Jewelry

With the arrival of 2022, trend jewelry has changed a lot. As Eza Vision, we have compiled the 2022 trend steel jewelry for you in this article. It is possible to say that in the first seasons of 2022, steel jewelry models, which are generally high in energy and yet stylish, come to the fore. We can say that the most prominent of this jewelry and the champion jewelry of 2022 will be Gold, silver, and minimal jewelry.

2022 Gold Steel Jewelry

Gold jewelry, which appears in many different designs and structures, is among the most preferred jewelry of 2022. Gold steel jewelry, which is one of the most preferred steel jewelry due to its affordability and variety of styles, is produced by coating a thin layer of gold on quality and affordable base metal such as nickel, brass, stainless steel, silver, or copper.

Gold Steel Jewelry Features:

Gold Steel Jewelry, one of the most admired jewelry of 2022, which we display for you in our Eza Vision web store, is extremely high quality and stylish accessories. The main features of Gold Steel Jewelry can be listed as follows

  • It is hypoallergenic: Gold steel jewelry made on high-quality metals such as silver or stainless steel has a hypoallergenic feature.
  • They are produced in a solution tub by a process called wet sealing.
  • The plating layer can vary between 0.17 and 2.5 microns in gold steel jewelry, which can change color and differ depending on the purity of the gold used.
  • The jewelry we display in our jewelry webshop is waterproof and does not cause any darkening or irritation.

2022 Silver Jewelry

Another trend jewelry of 2022 is silver jewelry. Silver jewelry, which is produced by containing a high percentage of pure silver and some other materials, is generally light and has always been a piece of popular jewelry. In addition, the main features of our silver jewelry that we offer to you as Eza Vision can be listed as follows:

  1. It contains high (more than 90%) pure silver, while low (less than 10%) contains other metals.
  2. Since pure silver is an extremely hard substance, a silver alloy is more preferred in terms of processing and shaping.
  3. It is highly durable jewelry and has a waterproof feature, in addition, it does not cause any darkening or irritation.

Silver jewelry you buy from a quality place like Eza Vision is extremely high-quality jewelry.

2022 Minimal Jewelry

We can say that 2022 will be the year of truly minimalist design and jewelry. You can find the best quality minimal jewelry suitable for your tastes in our Eza Vision web store, in this period the time minimal jewelry is highly preferred instead of big ostentatious jewelry. You can reach the best quality jewelry that we have listed for you in our web store, with features that do not rust, do not irritate, or cause any allergenic warning.

2022 Trend Jewelry Prices

2022 trend jewelry prices may vary depending on the type and structure. In addition, when we consider the jewelry prices, in which the design plays a major role, it is not possible to say a clear price. You can examine the 2022 trend jewelry prices in detail on our jewelry website.


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