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Steel Jewellery Care

Steel Jewellery Care - EzaVision
Steel jewellery is the easiest jewellery in terms of usage conditions. When it touches salty water like the sea, its structure does not deteriorate. Steel jewellery, which is not affected by human sweat and therefore does not darken, is one of the longest accessories to use. In order to use your steel jewellery for a long time, it is very important to take care of it correctly. In order to properly care for your steel jewellery, you need to use the appropriate cleaning liquid. After preparing the appropriate cleaning fluid, we recommend that you follow these steps:
  • Put warm water in a bowl and add some dish soap, then mix it.
  • Then soak a soft microfiber cloth in this water.
  • Gently wipe your steel jewellery with this cloth until all sides are clean.
  • Rub your steel jewellery along the polish lines while cleaning.
  • Dip another cloth in distilled water and wipe off any remaining soapy water on your steel jewellery.
  • Dry your steel jewellery thoroughly with the help of a soft and lint-free towel.
  • Let your steel jewellery dry so that it does not touch any surface.
  • After your steel jewellery dries, wait at least 24 hours for it to be ready for use. It is very important that it does not touch your skin within 24 hours. In this way, it will regain its eye-catching shine on the first day.
After the cleaning and drying process of your steel jewellery is completed, you can optionally use jewellery polish or a polishing cloth to polish it.
The storage conditions of these jewellery are as important as cleaning your steel jewellery. We recommend that you do not store your steel jewellery in the same box as jewellery made of other metals. Each of your steel jewellery must have its own storage container. Storing your steel jewellery in a separate box or cloth bag will extend its lifespan.